The One-Sheet

Key Details

  • Title:
  • Assisted Suicide
  • Genre:
  • Dramedy
  • Type:
  • Feature-Length
  • Logline:
  • A suicidal teen reflects on his story as he awaits news that will ultimately dictate his path towards success or suicide.
  • Pitch:
  • Stranger than Fiction meets It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Brief Synopsis

MATTHEW, 18, desperately wants to be a writer. The only thing he wants more, is to be happy. For as long as he can remember, Matthew has struggled with clinical depression, which he views as the central antagonist in the story of his life. At this point, Matthew has tried everything, but despite his active efforts, nothing has worked. However Matthew has come to a critical juncture. At the outset of this story, Matthew is seated in the waiting room of a reputable literary agent, and in just a few moments, he’ll find out if he’s going to be a big success, or if all his efforts were in vain. Matthew has put everything into his screenplay, and he knows that this is his last chance. If he found his calling, maybe that’s enough. But if he hasn’t, and it was all for nothing.. Then he’ll kill himself.

However as Matthew sits there, clutching his screenplay, he begins to think back on everything that led up to that moment. Beginning with the death of his father, he takes us through a period of two years, in which he willfully devotes himself to writing, while dealing with neglected friends, an impulsive girlfriend, and the anxiety-evoking process of choosing a realistic career path. All of this builds up to his story’s inevitable climax, which finds him back in that waiting room, with the fate of his life hanging in the balance. “Although some endings won’t give you what you want, sometimes they’ll give you exactly what you need.”

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