The One-Sheet

Key Details

  • Title:
  • Chasing Carnage
  • Genre:
  • Action, Thriller
  • Type:
  • Feature-Length
  • Logline:
  • A tormented contract killer living in post-WW3 New York City has to acknowledge his demons when a vengeful terrorist wages war against him and his city.
  • Pitch:
  • Taxi Driver meets Blade Runner

Brief Synopsis

CHARLES, 40s, is a tormented contract killer who’s been commissioned by a secret branch of the government to cut down murderers in one of the worst cities in the world. Charles is hardened, divorced, and he’s plagued by a crippling insomnia, which is linked to a past that he can’t even remember. At this point, Charles is ready to die, but before death finds him, he wants nothing more than to leave his city better than it was, before the war. However this dream becomes threatened when a terrorist organization, code-named ‘Carnage’, wages war against his city. Hailing themselves as ‘the final solution’, the terrorists vow to destroy New York once and for all, targeting all the people that lie within it.

With virtually no leads, the government seeks Charles’ help, hoping his unique set of skills, and his working knowledge of the city, will help them catch the terrorists. However, as the investigation wears on, and as he begins to close in on them, their leader targets Charles, revealing himself as an enemy from his past. This leads to a torturous game of cat and mouse, predicated on vengeance, which forces Charles to acknowledge his demons, as he begins to recall the events that shattered him. An effort that proves to have severe ramifications.

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