The One-Sheet

Key Details

  • Title:
  • Evil One
  • Genre:
  • Action, Thriller
  • Type:
  • Feature-Length
  • Logline:
  • A troubled FBI agent becomes swept up in a global manhunt for a politically motivated serial killer, whose murders have kickstarted a revolution.
  • Pitch:
  • Se7en meets End of Days

Brief Synopsis

JASON, 30s, is an FBI field agent who’s spent years tracking murderers across the United States. However, Jason’s wife, VICTORIA, 30s, desperately wants him to quit, fearing his obsessive tendencies, which once landed him in rehab and nearly destroyed their family as a result. Victoria’s fears are further reinforced by the emergence of a high-profile SERIAL KILLER, who’s been marking his victims as a means to gain notoriety. Victoria pleads with Jason not to take the case, but after a string of devastating murders, Jason decides that he has to take it, as he believes his entire career has been building towards this one opportunity.

This decision puts Jason center stage in a global manhunt, which becomes highly politicized, as the serial killer, donning a symbolic Devil mask, becomes a rallying point for desperate people. Viewed as a response to the crashing economies, the Devil is sold by his followers as an agent of Satanism who’s trying to radicalize the people into tearing down the system, thus bringing about a figurative ‘end of days’. However, as Jason uncovers the truth behind the murders, he realizes that what he’s after is far more sinister.

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